Mosques & Islamic Architecture Exhibition MIAE 2019

United Arab Emirates – Sharjah,

Mosques & Islamic Architecture Exhibition – MIAE is the most important building and Islamic architecture services exhibition in Middle East.

MIAE  is now arranged, and it stays up-to-date and renews itself along with the industry.

MIAE is a modern way of doing business, presenting products, networking and creating company’s corporate image.

MIAE is marketed primarily for professional visitors of the construction branch but it is also open for the students in the industry.

Welcome to the largest and most prominent event in the Mosques & Islamic Architecture & construction industry in Middle East !
The region’s leading trade show for Mosques & Islamic architecture industry that addresses the challenges of building and construction across different vertical industries.

Dedicated to make a difference to the future of the industry, this 2-day trade event provides a platform for business professionals to showcase, share, learn and succeed in the regional mosques & Islamic architecture sector.

Organized by DASEC Exhibitions & Conference and hosted by Sharjah University of Sharjah government,

MIAE2019 aims to help companies in their development and growth process as they cope with the demands of an evolving industry facing a tightening of supply and a constant elevation of acceptable standards.



Designers ,Architects, Engineers, Builders, Contractors, Commercial Builders ,Islamic buildings Professionals suppliers, Installers, Integrators, Service Providers, Property ManagersDevelopers, Sustainable Managers,State Planners, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Importers, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Purchasing Agents, Experts, Government Ocials, Government Agencies ,Decision Makers,Municipalities, Academics… from U.A.E , and GCC.

Meet Major Suppliers
Discover prime mosques projects, Islamic
Architects and assets
Get Best Deals
Increase Professional Value
Obtain Educational Credits
Connect with Innovation
Find your next business opportunity
Uncover Business Opportunities
Network Locally, Regionally & Globally

Mosques & Islamic Architecture Exhibition 2019



  • Strategic partnership with UAE government departments
  •  Promote your projects, your know-how and achievements
  • Network with partners and find new clients
  • Position your company projects internationally
  • Gain access to one of the fastest growing construction markets in the Muslims world
  • Meet the leaders and decision makers of current and future Mosques projects
  • Demonstrate your solutions and services to a targeted audience
  • Test the market for the first time during the show
  • Support local existing agents and search for local agents
  • Monitor the activity of your competitors

International Manufacturers, Suppliers, Experts & Providers of Equipment, Technology, Products, Services & Expertise willing to expand and/or introduce into the U.A.E markets within the following categories:

– Construction and architecture Contracting
– Mosques designing
– Green spaces and gardens contractors
– Lighting, crystals and, chandeliers
– Sound Systems
– Maintenance and restoration of monuments
– Mosques facilities services providers
– Landscape Architecture
– Monitoring and safety systems
– Fire and safety equipment

– Islamic arts
– Carpentry, doors and decoration
– Cooling and heating Systems suppliers
– Water use and rationalization Systems
– Multimedia, printing and publishing houses
of the holey Quran and Clocks
– Carpets, floors and walls
– Clothing and accessories
– Islamic institutions

Sponsorship & Branding Opportunities

MIAE 2019 sponsorship and branding packages have been specifically designed to maximize your company’s presence at the show and ensure you get the most out of your participation. Did you know… sponsorship increases the attraction of your target audience by 104% ? To enquire about sponsorship opportunities contact us : info@dasec.ae


Promote your projects, products and events before, during and after MIAE 2017 through our website, newsletters, publications, onsite advertising…

To enquire about advertising opportunities contact us : info@dasec.ae

Includes rear & sidewalls, fascia, hall security and lighting Cost Per Sqm US$ 650

Includes space,general cleaning, pavilion security only Cost Per Sqm US$ 590

Compulsory Insurance
Includes Exhibition public liability property, expenses. Full details in Exhibition Manual. If company has proof of alternative insurance cover;this charge will be waived Cost US$250